Our team.

Since it was founded in 2009, the European Institute for Public Participation (EIPP) has been committed to extending public participation and strengthening the culture of democratic involvement in Europe. It is our conviction that carefully planned and implemented processes of public engagement improve the quality, legitimacy, and acceptance of political decisions.


Our Values

Authenticity: Only sincere participation efforts bolster the credibility of the participants (including the principal authorities of political decision makers, public authorities, and the business community) and render political decisions sustainable and legitimate.

Appreciation: Mutual appreciation and an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual learning are essential preconditions for constructive engagement and successful citizen participation.

Independence: Providing a link between the theory and practical application requires autonomy. EIPP provides independent advice to decision-makers in politics, the business community, and public administration officials. We view our expertise and insights as a contribution to the public good.


Clear Goals: In order to be efficient and pragmatic, citizen participation requires clear and transparent goals to allow a specific and adapted implementation. According to our experience, the clearer the objective, the better the results of participation processes.



EIPP is working at the national and international level. While our head office is in Germany, our network partners are located all over Europe, in Belgium (also at EU-level), Luxembourg, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, as well as in Switzerland. Our partners bring in their wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in research on democratic governance and public participation, political theory, practice-oriented organisational and political consulting, and online-participation. Our diversity and internationality make EIPP unique.